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Cermin gallery Cermin gallery

Our Vision and Mission

Art is the path.
The path that every creative vagabond walks through with his eyes.
Eyes that reflect feelings of endless euphoria.
The euphoria that is only part of the metamorphosis of love for whatever arouses courage.
Courage in abstract, courage in love, courage in sincerity.
You are a traveller now.
Welcome to our path of Contemporary Art!

Synergy Traveling Exhibition

About ČERMIN family

The name Čermin carries the connotation of the church and goes far back in history. Today, the family traces deep roots from the past and works with people – for people. The missionary work of spreading local culture is deeply embedded in their DNA. The family coat of arms is decorated with the motto “Sine macula” or “Without stain”. From there it also follows the mission – manifestations of a pure love of art.


The creative soul is part of constantly changing matter. The fundamental expression of the artist is based on the stimuli that surround and influence him. The work of the artist ceases to belong only to him when he signs it. It is then, when he gives us, children of the earth, a new abstract birth, which is not owned by him, since the responsibility for accepting art lies not only with the creator but with all of us. Therefore, as a fervent pilgrim, the gallery will embark on an odyssey through Europe and across the Atlantic with the sole purpose of “Celebrating the genesis of contemporary art!”